November is my favourite month.

WHISK Espresso Bar + Bake Shop △ Ben’s △ Twenty One Kitchen & Bar △ plan b

My 21st birthday was just fantastic and memorable.

I had my last exam ON my birthday afternoon (sucks ball I know), and the girls brought me to Whisk for some cakes. Red velvet was okay (I thought plan b’s was nicer) and hummingbird cake exploded in my mouth. Who knows such ugly cake can tastes so good?

Anyway, they gave me a black top I always wanted as a birthday present, and I was really happy ‘cuz that top had been on my want list for a real long time. It was a real simple celebration ‘cuz only 3 people were there with me as the others had assignment due on the next day. We had Marutama for dinner and I was satisfied.

I went home feeling like shit ‘cuz my lens sting and I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the ride home, but I was stuck, in front of my laptop until nearly 12am. Seng called me and sang me birthday song with some other fellas, and I thought, great. Sing me a birthday song with your flatmates. Now how am I going to thank them one by one given that I don’t even know them irl? But then after the song he said, come out we’re outside! Open the gate for us! I was like, ha-ha. Very funny. But turned out they were really outside. With David and Xiang. My favourite boys! I was really touched, I didn’t know they will come that far to surprise me. Seng stays in Bangi while Xiang stays in Serdang, takes them almost an hour to reach Subang by KTM. They brought me a birthday tart. And they tricked me into my room to get something and then showed up with a cake. Ha-ha. Love ‘em. And they bought me a red New Era x Stussy! How sweet is that! Anyway, we talked until 3am and decided to go back to David’s. Woke up like shit the next morning at 8, me skipping classes to hang out with them ‘cuz it seemed so once-in-a-lifetime.

We went to Mid Valley and I left for KLCC around 4. Wandered around with Annie and CV, had the pasta she promised and Annie told us she needed to find her friends at Changkat. I was curious ‘cuz I didn’t know Annie has friends at Changkat. I mean like, why is her friends even at Changkat?! we were so bored CV and I fell asleep while waiting for Annie’s “friends”. Ha. I even fell asleep on the car, provided 0 help on pointing direction to Changkat since my phone was out of batt. After an eternity (feels like that when you’re asleep), we arrived Changkat and I walked into my own surprise party with a sleepy face. Ha! And this time they gave me a real cake and a Pandora charm, I felt like a princess. And the pub is called twenty one. How relevant. The bunch even bought me drinks when we switched to Fram. Had brunch with Lynn the next afternoon and she gave me a watch. I was so awed.

I am so grateful and blessed to have all these friends, especially the boys and Lynn, who give me advises and full support when I needed them. They love me and support me unconditionally, I’d love them as much too even if they didn’t show up. Ha.


Anyway, something irrelevant to my birthday and my joyful month: I was stalking my distinct cousin’s Twitter and I found out that, she hates us. Well no shit right. I dislike you too but did you see me tweet about that? We’re related and I’m polite enough to not talk about it. I never hate them. I do dislike them but I don’t find it’s necessary to hate them, ‘cuz what they ever did was just showing us their superior face as if they’re different standard and living the gold life. They never cross me/us. And kid, we visit you sometimes only out of courtesy, not because that we love you to the extent that we’ll die if we don’t see your face. So yea. Go fuck yourself, instead of whining on Twitter that you hate to visit someone you hate.


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