Of blender and smoothies.

Kiwi-strawberry smoothies.

Kiwi-strawberry smoothies.

So once upon a time I was in a smoothie fever – googling recipe, turning the kitchen into a mess and all… Including buying a “shake ‘n take” blender online for RM55. It arrived last week and I bought some fruits immediately, but then I don’t have the time to actually blend something – I’m at my boyfriend’s place all the time.

Then I realised I can’t delay anymore? Cuz my fruits are turning into shits real fast. And turned out I was right. Some parts of the strawberries were mushy and I didn’t even need a knife to slice the over-ripen kiwis.

The end results were okay, expect that I forgot to add in sugar and ice cubes. And the blender smelled like some burnt motor shit, bloody hell.

1 more box of strawberries and 2 kiwis at home. They’d probably thinking wtf I’m mushy and over-ripe why you no eat me you dumbass! Right now.


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