Happy Endings: More please!

Bumped that Happy Endings got cancelled. It is a show about 6 grown ups that act like children – Dave, Alex, Jane, Brad, Max & Penny, which have been friends since like, forever.

It was really funny & I like the friendship between 6 of them even though I’m constantly annoyed by Max. Brad & Jane are my favourite characters, thumbs up to Damon Wayans, Jr. & Eliza Coupe. Oh well, at least I can see Damon Wayans, Jr. again at New Girl. (On a side note, isn’t Damon Wayans, Sr.’s cameo appearance the best apart from RuPaul?)

Just Brad & Max having their moments.

Here’s my favourite quotes from Happy Endings.

Penny: Davey what’s the name of that movie about the horse that goes to the war?
Alex: Uhh War Biscuit, Duh.

Alex: I get the P shaped sandwiches for Penny and Pete, but what is with the lower case b’s?

Jane: Wait Big Dave is coming to town? God I love your dad!
Alex: Ugh, the man hates me for no reason.
Everyone: You left Dave at the altar!!!

Max: You know what I was thinking about? If Mary Tyler Moore married and then divorced Steven Tyler, then married and divorced Michael Moore, then got into a three-way lesbian marriage with Demi Moore and Mandy Moore, would she go by the name Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore? Hm.


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