My sister-in-law has just came back from Korea & guess what she bought me!


Pomegranate Princess 석류 공주 (5호)

“I’d buy you facial masks but judging from the pile of masks you & Ma put inside the fridge that I bought for you the last time I assume that this might be a better souvenir.” – My sister-in-law.


Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?!
According to my sister-in-law, the old princess gloss was shorter and more petit. When she saw this she told the poor Korean sales girl that she wanted the small one but the girl insisted that there isn’t a “small one”.


Swatch under fluorescent light.


I am not a lip gloss fan as they make me looks like I have a layer of oil on my lips. If I want my lips to shine I usually coat a layer of Vaseline on my lipstick-coloured lips.

But Pomegranate Princess is not your usual lip gloss, she smells good (but not until the point that it irritates you) & the colour is simply gorgeous. This has became my daily application too.

Oh well, credits go to Tony Moly & my sister-in-law. Sorry masks, next time perhaps.


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