My glucose they be poppin’

Guess what. It’s finger pricking day.

It wasn’t my first finger pricking and this lab session was fun… Until you were poked more than 3 times on the same finger. The needles didn’t get deep enough a few times wtf.


And also, my total cholesterol level & triglyceride (TG) level were “borderline high” wtf fml.
Amazingly my glucose level was normal even though I had a banana 1 hour before the test.

I can’t imagine what is my cholesterol level if I did not eat oat & whole grain cereal as I do now (3 weeks and counting).
I guess it’s time to suck it up and hit the gym for some cardio no matter how reluctant I am.
I’ve been wanting to start eating clean but it’s so hard! (I know I know, finding excuse for myself)

First of all, I have no idea how to cook a “clean” meal Yes I get the concept, but the recipe..? They’re so complex! (excuse detected) Why isn’t there a “clean” meal that only requires 5 minutes for preparation? (MORE EXCUSE!) And not to forget cooking for one is so hard. You have the pressure constantly to finish all the fresh food before it is spoiled (endless excuse). Like my banana. That I bought on Monday & turned black on Thurs & Fri (CAN ANYONE TEACH ME HOW TO LET THEM STAY FRESH?!).

So yea. At least eating whole grain cereal is the first baby step. Right? Right?
Hitting the gym next week. Zumba please have mercy on me.

x Jess


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