So my parents have just came back from a little trip to Chiang Mai and my dad has been bombarding me with some photos of him and my mom.

Let’s face it. My mom forced him to send the photos.
“Let them see our photos, send them! Or post on web!”
By web she means Facebook.

And seeing the photos is like… receiving a wake up call.

…My parents are old now. Like, old old.
Funny how every time I think of them, I still picture them in the younger days.
Perhaps deep down I refuse to grow up. I’ll always be their little daughter, that hand needs to be held before crossing the road.

My dad used to be very, very fat so we kept urging him to lose some weight.
After a couple years of trying, now that he has lost his tummy and all, I’m starting to worry that is he losing too much weight?
Sometimes pictures show more than what you see in reality.

And my mom. God. Where should I even begin? She used to be so pretty and youthful. But the grey hair and the tired face shown on the photos made my cringe.

I dunno how to describe what I’m feeling right now. This… emotion. Sorrow, perhaps?
And the worst part is, I can do nothing about it. It’s beyond my power. Except for appreciating their presence more. And try not to think about it.

That one day I’ll have to cross the road without them holding my hands.
The two major pillars of my life. crumbling down.
What’s coming for me. And the days after.
I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for that. No man is programmed to be prepared for that.

Can we go back to that Saturday afternoon when I was 6?
Where 5 of us including my brothers were watching some western movie in my parents’ room.
Dad was sleeping, mom was ironing clothes, we were sititng on the floor…
Just 5 of us, inside a little room. As simple, as blissful as that.
… I’d trade anything in the world for that moment.

x Jess


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