Am having mid-semester break now hence I’m back at home.
It’s more like a rehab to me. A place for me to stay away from all the distraught thoughts.

And I’ve been doing nothing but reading some Mandarin novels, fanfictions and also… finished watching A:TLA & TLoK (hurray!).
There goes 4 days of my 1 week holiday. Sucks.

Am tying to spend more time with my parents but ended up spending more time with the computer (as usual).
The truth is, I dunno how to. This is just the way we are.
Dad – TV, mom – busy doing something, me – in my bedroom. Or perhaps I should come up with something – time for some family bonding?
Also, mom needs someone to talk to. I’m more a listener/responder than a chitty-chatty but hey, I’m trying.
The other night she told me,

“You know last night when we were talking, daddy counted.”

“He counted the days of us, together. When you were in high school you joined the band and you were at school most of your times. And after that you went to college, you stayed outside. Then you went to KL.”

“The days of you staying by our sides… they aren’t much.”

And then, I felt a tightness in my chest.

x Jess


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