The past 3 months in a nutshell.













Yes. I’m still alive. Finals were a pain in the arse and am glad it’s finally over. Don’t really care about the results now as what’s past is past. I had a blast on my birthday though. Cakes, surprises, balloons, more cakes & lovely companies. What more can I ask? Very blessed to have what I have right now.

Few more days till 2014. I am never a new year resolution girl ‘cuz I know I won’t achieve anything. But so far what have I achieved this year?

Hmm. Gained a couple pounds, had a relationship, ended a relationship when I realised that I’m not entirely ready yet, conquered the 4th and 5th semester of my tertiary education (jeez, sem 4 feels like eons ago), and lastly but most importantly I’ve made some great friends that brightens my day. So I guess 2013 is pretty good ey?

Fixed my hair a day before Christmas to get ready for a fresh start. The 6th semester will be my last semester in campus as off we go to the career field after that. Can’t really describe how I’m feeling – Anticipation for a new beginning yet fearing the unknown world. Humans, why are you so full of self-contradiction?

Despite all the mixed feelings, now I feel like I have a clearer vision of what I want for my future and hopefully I will make it there. Hell, I must make it there no matter what for my own sake.

Merry Christmas, you. And cheers to a new year & another chance for us to get it right.

x Jess


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