Stila: In The Light






Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner – damsel.


Bad bad swatches without primer on.

Whaddup people? Can’t believe it’s 2014 already! Feels like high school life was just yesterday. God I’m old. Please slow down, time!

Here now, a long overdue post – I’ve actually drafted this ages ago. Procrastination huh? Guilty as charged… To get rid of the habit of deferring and postponing was my new year’s resolution 2 years ago I think. Jeez, I even procrastinate eliminating procrastination…  Unbelievable!

Back to the topic – I’ve been contemplating to buy an eye shadow kit or palette for a long long time. I previously used a Maybelline eye shadow kit but sadly the colour couldn’t stay long on my lids and worst of all, the shimmers even dropped on my cheek. I know – Perhaps I need a primer. But I didn’t feel like wasting RM50 or more on a primer that I’d probably used not more than 10 times in a year since I don’t really put on makeup as often as I thought I would.

Naked was on my to-buy list since forever (by the time I was “considering”, Naked 2 and even 3 were not released yet wtf procrastination) but it was too expensive and way out of my budget even though it contains 12 gorgeous eye colours. However Naked has too many shimmering colours and sadly I’m not really a huge fan of glitters as 1. I prefer an effortless, “less is more” look. Plus, smoky eyes? Totally not my thing, at all. 2. Glitters kinda make my eyes look puffy. 3. Come on, would you seriously use 12 of the available colours? ALL?

So I was at Sephora with my girlfriend a few months ago, and I was struggling to get either Naked Basics Palette ($27) that consists of 6 matte eye colours or a Stila palette as their palettes have received many many great reviews… In the end I got Stila In The Light Palette ($39) and I absolutely love it.

It consists of 10 matte or shimmering eye colours along with an eye liner. Fortunately the shimmers are not too over-the-top and they are not as glittery as I dread they would be.

After few rounds of experimenting with the colours, I now use the colours as follow:

  1. Bare over my lid as a base and to highlight my nose bridge, nose tip, cheek bone & brow bone,
  2. Sunset/Glided gold on my crease,
  3. Sandstone/Luster/Ebony to fill the top of my eyelines,
  4. Kitten to highlight my center lid in the last step,
  5. Sandstone to contour my nose & eyes.

A multi-function palette. How amazing is it?

Besides, the eye liner is wonderful as well. The eye liner is not only long lasting and waterproof. the texture is not too hard that it may hurt my eyes nor too soft to break into pieces while applying. I normally use it to tightline my eyes and the smooth texture makes the application easier and faster. However the downside is that the applicator is flawed – No matter how many times I turned the applicator, the core would just come up a tiny little bit and it was very, very frustrating. I gotta say, the applicator is even worst than a typical drugstore twist-up eye liner. Also, apparently I’m not the only one with this issue after going through Sephora’s product reviews. Boo, what a major let down.

Am thinking of getting Soap & Glory shower gel next… Clean On Me? Or Sugar Crush? :P
Haa! Till the next time dearies. x


x Jess


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