My lips collection


Fine. I’ll admit it. I’m a lipstick hoarder. And I got it from my mama. So technically… It’s not entirely my fault. *self-convincing*
Some of them are gifts while a couple of them were bought by me.
I used to put them on depending on mood and occasion. But around 1 year ago my lips started chapping real bad and it got worse gradually over time – even the area of skin above my upper lip turned dry and “peel-able” (fml). As a result I was force to put on nothing but petroleum jelly and lip balm. Boo. :(
Despite my hesitation, I’ve finally agreed to visit a skin specialist some weeks ago after my parents’ constant persuasion. Hopefully my lips will revert to a healthy and “unpeel-able” state soon.

So here it is. Hmm. Perhaps it’s just a “mini” collection & maybe I’m just a “mini” lipstick hoarder… (Good news? Ngehehe) I have actually mentioned some in my previous posts. Such as Tony Moly Fruit Princess Gloss.

20140109-午前050838.jpg 20140109-午前050901.jpg

  1. MAC Cremesheen – “Creme D’nude”
  2. Maybelline Moisture Extreme – “Loving Red” #820
  3. Sephora Rouge Shine – “Soul Mate” #46
  4. Nutrimetics Magix – ”Green Mint“ N2040003
  5. Marvella Karo Chi – #8 (マーベラ リップスティックカロチ)
  6. Silky Girl Moisture Max – “Pink Lady” #02
  7. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter – “Smoothies” #50
  8. Maybelline Color Sensational – “Coral Pink” CB41
  9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain -“Precious” #50    

Swatch under fluorescent light #1.


Swatch under fluorescent light #2.

You might wonder why #4 is green. Well… It’s a “magic” lipstick and my mom bought it for fun and gave it to me. The sheer transparent colour will turn to pink once it is applied on my lips even though it is colourless on my hand. Again, just for fun and I hardly use it, the colour is awful on me due to my chapped lips.

I got the MAC nude & Silky Girl shocking pink from my friends as gifts, bless their souls. I often use the nude one as a base to create gradient lips. However I felt that MAC was too dry for me (due to my lips condition) while the pink is just… too pink, obviously. Perhaps I can use it for gradient lips too, if I’m feeling… I dunno, pinkish(?).
#2 and #3 are definitely my statement lipsticks while #5, #7 and #9 are simply MLBB. Very big thumbs up for them, they have served me well!

My current favourite is without a doubt, Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter (#7) because it is amazing. It is so moisturising and all the available colours are absolutely gorgeous… Not to mention it’s cheap given that the pigments and hydrating level are so good! I have actually bought “macaroon” too (another colour), sadly it was a little bit too maroon red-ish for my liking and I look horrible with it . Come to think of it, what should I expect? It’s named ma-ca-roon for a good reason even though the colour was only a sheer nude pink shade on my hand when I swatched it at the drug store before purchasing. Perhaps I thought that the name was macaron when I saw it for the first time… My brain’s interpreting skill was unbelievable… If you know what I mean smh. Anyway, so I gave it to my mother and guess what? She loves it. I will most certainly repurchase more but in the other colours once my lips are in good condition to “paint” again.
Did I tell you I’m a lipstick hoarder? While I already own a bunch of lipsticks, lip balms and lip gloss, I’m still eyeing for more… The top 2 lipsticks that are in my purchase list currently are 3CE famous “Daily Lady” and MAC Taupe. Tsk tsk tsk someone please stop me!

Anyhow, this was supposed to be a “what’s in my makeup bag” post but I left some stuff in PJ. Perhaps next time. Till then. x


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