Things you can do to your hair


Clockwise from upper left: Waterfall braid (2 strands), waterfall braid (3 strands), fish braid, the French braid.

Having long hair had been my dream when I was a kid since my hair was short for almost 17 years of my life (no kidding) due to some strict rules in my primary and secondary school. I always felt envious when I saw girls with all kinds of fancy braids at church. Few years ago when I finally had chest length hair, I felt that I can finally do something to my boring straight hair but sadly I didn’t know how to braid (except the basic braid of course). ‘Fraid not, there’s a lot of blog/video tutorials available online. Thanks Internet, thanks Youtube.

The first challenging braid I learnt was the classic French braid. It was a torture – my hands were numb, my brain was confused, my fingers had no idea what they were doing… However it is fairly easy once you get the idea. Now that I can braid my hair within 5 minutes, French braid is usually what I do to my hair when I’m too lazy to wash my hair.

If the French braid is too hard for you, 3 strands waterfall braid is your alternative choice. It is simple and easy to master as long as you know how to do a basic braid. I often wear this braid when my fringe annoys me or turns oily.

You can also try 2 strands waterfall braid. Very, very simple and cute plus all the steps are uncomplicated. At the time when the photo above was taken, I was a novice in braiding and my hair was braided by my talented friend Joanne.

Fish braid must be the hardest braid among the mentioned braids above and the other common ones. The steps are confusing not to mention tiring especially when you have thicker hair. But I guess it’s all worth it considering the outcome. In the photo above my hair was braided by another talented friend Dhameera.

Other than all that are mentioned, there’s also the Dutch braid (which is quite similar to the French braid except that the braid is kinda… inside out), ladder braid, bow braid, mermaid braid, etc. Also, instead of braiding just as what is shown in the tutorials, you can also jump outside the box and improvise to spice things up, like doing a side French braid, tying your hair into a bun at the end of the braid instead of letting it down or braid into ponytail. What’s most important is to have fun right!

Anyway, this is my current favourite. Casual and elegant, suitable for any occasion.

I still need more practice though… Oh well, I guess practice is the key to success. Till the next time.

x Jess


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