Right in the childhood! 10 facts about me & Disney.

So this morning I was stuck in Youtube for hours, from the season 4 teaser of Game of Thrones to Gordon Ramsay’s tutorials and somehow ended up on Disney classic love songs. I then hopped onto the Feel Bandwagon. I swear, I teared up while listening to A Whole New World – My least favourite Disney song because I thought it was cheesy. And then Tale As Old As Time, Colors of the Wind, Reflection. I don’t even. Seriously what’s wrong with me. -_- Anyway, I feel like I need to talk about it because Disney movies are my everything back when I was 4-6 years old!

#1 Favourite couple – Pocahontas & John Smith.


John Smith is my first Disney crush. I mean… Golden hair, blue eyes, the way he was mesmerised by her… C’mom, he’d catch a grenade for her. *ba dum tss*


Also, the scene where they first met is SO beauuuutiful.

I watched Pocahontas once every 3 days when I was 5… Until Pocahontas II was released & she ran off with another guy and broke up with John Smith. What?! What kind of BS is that! I felt betrayed (still can’t get over it). And I have not watched the movie ever since.

#2 Most intense kiss – Pocahontas & John Smith.

Since I had not watched the movie since I was 6, I forgot most of the scenes in the movie until Youtube refreshed my memory. And damn! The chemistry between them are so strong! And their kiss is so intense that I felt a little bit shy watching.





Right? RIGHT???

#3 Favourite princess – Princess Aurora/Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty).




1. Classy 2. Elegant 3. The whole fifties/sixties vibes. 4. The way she dances. 5. Her blond curls. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

#4 Favourite prince – Prince Phillip.

Okay so since John Smith is technically not a prince… Prince Phillip is my next favourite in line. Although he’s a little bit creepy in the woods (a stranger suddenly showed up behind my back and said he knows me from once upon a dream? …I’d run for my life if I were Aurora), but he went through all the trouble to save her.


And I must also include the Beast aka Eye Candy. Just because.

tumblr_n0hhmvQQZY1ts5cfbo1_250 tumblr_n0hhmvQQZY1ts5cfbo2_250

That. Jawline.

#5 Favourite horse – Samson (Sleeping Beauty) & Khan (Mulan).

Love horse as far back as I can remember let alone a white horse!


And… A black one.


So handsome. Don’t you agree?

#6 Favourite songs.

This is tough ’cause there’s too many of ’em. Once Upon A Dream, Colors of the Wind… But here’s my top 3 favourite.

1. Part of Your World & Part of Your World reprise (The Little Mermaid)


What would I give to live where you are? What would I pay to stand here beside you? What would I do to see you smiling at me?

I have no idea why I love this song so much. And this is embarrassing… I teared up when I heard the actress lip-synced to this song in the little mermaid show in Tokyo DisneySea. I even waved back when she waved at us. -_-

Plus, Ariel is my 2nd favourite princess… Despite the fact that she was 16 when she ran away from home for a man she fell in love with, even though Prince Eric is the first age-appropriate human she met in her life.

Also, my childhood was ruined when I read Anderson’s version of The Little Mermaid when I was 10.

2. Go the Distance (Hercules)

I’ll be there someday, I will go the distance…

So much feel. .___. So inspiring.

3. I’m Still Here (Treasure Planet)

…They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am.

Seriously, Treasure Planet is the most underrated Disney movie ever. The part about fatherhood always makes me end up sobbing like an idiot… I have a fairly shallow tear glands(Sobbing again at 2:18 of the video). And the song explains it all, including our constant frustration & doubts towards lives.

#7 Songs that bring too many feels.

1. When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)

There’s just something about the melody…

2. Somewhere Out There (American Tail)

I have never watch American Tail. But this song has gotten into me when I first played it with the symphonic band (the song is in a 50s medley). Starting from a fragile flute solo, and crescends into woodwind ensemble with the brass… Goosebumps all over me. Every single time.

#8 First Disney movie that broke my heart – Bambi.


The scene where his mother asked him to run as quick as he can, and when he looked back she wasn’t there? Sob sob sob. Also Bambi is the reason why I’m so fascinated by deer.

#9 First Disney movie that made me whimper like an idiot… at 5 – The Fox & The Hound.

I can’t explain. You must watch it yourself.

In fact, it’s the first movie that made me cry. My mom bought the video tape and I decided to watch it when she went out for awhile. She came home to me crying like someone died in front of me. And when she asked what happened, I bawled like a baby. I dunno. The whole movie is sad. When the fox was abandoned by his mom, or when the nice old lady couldn’t keep him anymore and had to leave him in the woods (he thought they were taking a ride and was so excited!), or when he and the hound became enemy just solely because of who they are? Also the fact that in the end they were friends again but they still had to acknowledge their difference? I felt like my heart was stabbed over and over again.



#10 First Disney movie that creeps me out – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

(Okay #10 is for the sake of preventing this post from becoming too sad.)

Almost everything in the movie creeps me out. The mirror, the queen, the huntsman, the forest(!), the scene where she turned into a witch, her evil laugh, the poison apple, the dwarfs (can’t blame me, they’re not exactly cute)… That old hag was my nightmare. Maybe they’re not creepy now, but they had definitely scared he 4-year-old me.




Come to think of it… She looks like Mr. Bean. Yes?

On a side note, Gawd this movie is 77 years old!

The thing is, it was just cartoon & happily ever after to us when we were young. But now it means so much more… How they remind us of our childhood, those happy carefree days, how hard happily eve after come by unless you fight for it and much more… I think part of the sadness some of them brought me is because of nostalgia. Anyway, I think this post has gotten longer than I originally intend to. Till the next time folks!



See? What did I tell you?


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