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What’s in my bag?


Good old trusty purse from Accessorize ♦ Bunny sack for ladies stuff ♦ Coin purse full of good luck charms I bring around everywhere I go ♦ Pocket tissue ♦ Ray-Ban Clubmaster ♦ Oil absorbing sheet from Daiso ♦ ZA Two-way Foudation ♦ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp (current favourite) ♦ Eclipse Mints

Today is the first day of Lent & henceforth Ash Wednesday. As a Roman Catholic, this year I sought to give up gossiping behind people’s back (it’s a bad habit most of the girls have, sometimes even boys) as well as negative thoughts I tend to have on people (ie. jealousy) to maintain a healthy happy mind. I ask Lord to give me strength and accompany me on my journey to become a better person.

Thanks daddy mommy for allowing me to get my dream bag. I thought I’d be on cloud nine after finally owning it but all I feel now is tinges of guilt. I guess it’s not as fun as I thought it would be after all. Love you pa, ma. x

Jeon Ji-hyun signature lip dupes

From time to time there’s always some songs or movies that’s been the IT topic on everyone’s lips, this time it’s a Korean drama called “You Who Came From the Stars”. I’ve been watching this drama for almost a month now and I’m crazy about it.


Apparently I’m not the only one. Almost everything the actress, Jeon Ji-hyun wears in the drama are sold out atm in Gangnam, especially YSL no. 52 lipstick she uses to create the signature look – Glowy skin, filled-in brows, tight-lined eyes, a light touch of mascara & last but not least, the statement lips.

But not all of us can afford YSL. Or in my case, there’s no YSL counter in Malaysia. (I know. It sucks.)
But that’s okay. We’ll come around.

#1 The Kissable Rosy Pink:

The signature fuschia pink lip.

The signature fuschia pink lip.

Putting YSL’s texture & pigmentation (that makes us love them even more) aside, here is some few cheaper alternative available to create the statement lips.

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


San Paulo.

“San Paulo”.

Everyone loves NYX, especially the matte lip cream. Temptalia 2012 editor’s choice award, hello?

  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain




Do not judge the colour by the tube. Both Sweetheart & Smitten look quite similar after application.
Also something I have to say – Not good on chapped/dry lips.

#2 The Classic Red:



On Jeon Ji-hyun.

No Iope in your country?

  • MAC

“Russian Red” & “Ruby Woo”.

Both are fairly similar except that one has cool tone while the later is warmer. So it depends on your undertone whether which suits you well. Or you can just get both cause one can never have enough MAC.
Again, Revlon (try the colour “Really Red”) is the cheaper alternative but honestly, Ruby Woo and/or Russian Red worth the money.

#3 The Orange Lips:

(I ran out of ideas for name)


On her: Laneige Serum Intense lipstick in “Neon Orange”.

Fashion comes and goes, but orange is forever.

  • Bobbi Brown


  • MAC


  • NYX Matte 

“Indie Flick”.

Funny how I was so close on purchasing this shade the other day.

Anyway, most dupes I found above come in matte so for a glossy finish, just add a layer of lip balm or colourless lip lacquer.
Also another tips on wearing heavy-pigmented statement lips: Exfoliate & slap on some lip balm. Put on foundation/concealer or fill up the lips with nude lip pencil before applying.

Pony’s tutorial on how to create the signature look.

Now off you go to the nearest Sephora or any drug store and good luck finding the right shade!

Right in the childhood! 10 facts about me & Disney.

So this morning I was stuck in Youtube for hours, from the season 4 teaser of Game of Thrones to Gordon Ramsay’s tutorials and somehow ended up on Disney classic love songs. I then hopped onto the Feel Bandwagon. I swear, I teared up while listening to A Whole New World – My least favourite Disney song because I thought it was cheesy. And then Tale As Old As Time, Colors of the Wind, Reflection. I don’t even. Seriously what’s wrong with me. -_- Anyway, I feel like I need to talk about it because Disney movies are my everything back when I was 4-6 years old!

#1 Favourite couple – Pocahontas & John Smith.


John Smith is my first Disney crush. I mean… Golden hair, blue eyes, the way he was mesmerised by her… C’mom, he’d catch a grenade for her. *ba dum tss*


Also, the scene where they first met is SO beauuuutiful.

I watched Pocahontas once every 3 days when I was 5… Until Pocahontas II was released & she ran off with another guy and broke up with John Smith. What?! What kind of BS is that! I felt betrayed (still can’t get over it). And I have not watched the movie ever since.

#2 Most intense kiss – Pocahontas & John Smith.

Since I had not watched the movie since I was 6, I forgot most of the scenes in the movie until Youtube refreshed my memory. And damn! The chemistry between them are so strong! And their kiss is so intense that I felt a little bit shy watching.





Right? RIGHT???

#3 Favourite princess – Princess Aurora/Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty).




1. Classy 2. Elegant 3. The whole fifties/sixties vibes. 4. The way she dances. 5. Her blond curls. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

#4 Favourite prince – Prince Phillip.

Okay so since John Smith is technically not a prince… Prince Phillip is my next favourite in line. Although he’s a little bit creepy in the woods (a stranger suddenly showed up behind my back and said he knows me from once upon a dream? …I’d run for my life if I were Aurora), but he went through all the trouble to save her.


And I must also include the Beast aka Eye Candy. Just because.

tumblr_n0hhmvQQZY1ts5cfbo1_250 tumblr_n0hhmvQQZY1ts5cfbo2_250

That. Jawline.

#5 Favourite horse – Samson (Sleeping Beauty) & Khan (Mulan).

Love horse as far back as I can remember let alone a white horse!


And… A black one.


So handsome. Don’t you agree?

#6 Favourite songs.

This is tough ’cause there’s too many of ’em. Once Upon A Dream, Colors of the Wind… But here’s my top 3 favourite.

1. Part of Your World & Part of Your World reprise (The Little Mermaid)


What would I give to live where you are? What would I pay to stand here beside you? What would I do to see you smiling at me?

I have no idea why I love this song so much. And this is embarrassing… I teared up when I heard the actress lip-synced to this song in the little mermaid show in Tokyo DisneySea. I even waved back when she waved at us. -_-

Plus, Ariel is my 2nd favourite princess… Despite the fact that she was 16 when she ran away from home for a man she fell in love with, even though Prince Eric is the first age-appropriate human she met in her life.

Also, my childhood was ruined when I read Anderson’s version of The Little Mermaid when I was 10.

2. Go the Distance (Hercules)

I’ll be there someday, I will go the distance…

So much feel. .___. So inspiring.

3. I’m Still Here (Treasure Planet)

…They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am.

Seriously, Treasure Planet is the most underrated Disney movie ever. The part about fatherhood always makes me end up sobbing like an idiot… I have a fairly shallow tear glands(Sobbing again at 2:18 of the video). And the song explains it all, including our constant frustration & doubts towards lives.

#7 Songs that bring too many feels.

1. When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)

There’s just something about the melody…

2. Somewhere Out There (American Tail)

I have never watch American Tail. But this song has gotten into me when I first played it with the symphonic band (the song is in a 50s medley). Starting from a fragile flute solo, and crescends into woodwind ensemble with the brass… Goosebumps all over me. Every single time.

#8 First Disney movie that broke my heart – Bambi.


The scene where his mother asked him to run as quick as he can, and when he looked back she wasn’t there? Sob sob sob. Also Bambi is the reason why I’m so fascinated by deer.

#9 First Disney movie that made me whimper like an idiot… at 5 – The Fox & The Hound.

I can’t explain. You must watch it yourself.

In fact, it’s the first movie that made me cry. My mom bought the video tape and I decided to watch it when she went out for awhile. She came home to me crying like someone died in front of me. And when she asked what happened, I bawled like a baby. I dunno. The whole movie is sad. When the fox was abandoned by his mom, or when the nice old lady couldn’t keep him anymore and had to leave him in the woods (he thought they were taking a ride and was so excited!), or when he and the hound became enemy just solely because of who they are? Also the fact that in the end they were friends again but they still had to acknowledge their difference? I felt like my heart was stabbed over and over again.



#10 First Disney movie that creeps me out – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

(Okay #10 is for the sake of preventing this post from becoming too sad.)

Almost everything in the movie creeps me out. The mirror, the queen, the huntsman, the forest(!), the scene where she turned into a witch, her evil laugh, the poison apple, the dwarfs (can’t blame me, they’re not exactly cute)… That old hag was my nightmare. Maybe they’re not creepy now, but they had definitely scared he 4-year-old me.



Come to think of it… She looks like Mr. Bean. Yes?

On a side note, Gawd this movie is 77 years old!

The thing is, it was just cartoon & happily ever after to us when we were young. But now it means so much more… How they remind us of our childhood, those happy carefree days, how hard happily eve after come by unless you fight for it and much more… I think part of the sadness some of them brought me is because of nostalgia. Anyway, I think this post has gotten longer than I originally intend to. Till the next time folks!



See? What did I tell you?

Live long and prosper!







Brown Pocket ; Daorae Tanjung Tokong ; The Alley.



Sephora Collection Color Lip Last N15 (Coral Calling) ; Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream.

I’ve been hiding in my little house ever since I came back to my home town but things have slightly changed this week – All my friends are back from overseas as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. You know which of them are keepers when they don’t contact often, let alone social media or phone apps, but just a few calls and they’ll show out and next thing you know, you chat about everything from North to South.

Born in Penang since 1991 but this magnificent island is yet to be fully explored. We went to Brown Pocket @ Gurney Paragon and the waffles are as good as what people said. Also, even after trying out the same dish in different Korean restaurant, Daorae’s Kimchi Jjigae still amazed me. Not to mention the manager & staffs are so kind, unlike several Daorae restaurants in KL that seem to have snobbish waiters that appeared to have better things to do than serving customers. Hey, I didn’t pay you to be bullied. The manager even gave us a pancake for free! The last time we came (around 2 years ago) he gave us free pancake and steamed egg. Thank you again, kind sir. Highlight of the day is when he gave us Hello Kitty lollipops after we paid our bills… I blushed and I have no idea why. Get a hold of yourself girl!

Now the cronuts… I didn’t know the existence of this croissant-doughnut hybrid until I watched an episode of 2 Broke Girls where they queued at 6 in the morning but still got nothing because they were sold out. Well this is not Manhatthan, but I’m glad I still have the chance to try it. Drizzled with salted caramel & nutella, yum yum. Also I bought a coral lipstick (RM45) because my good old Maybelline coral lipstick is used up by my mom. Besides, it’s Chinese New Year! Must get festive! :P Some lame excuse I told myself so I can spend money. Glad that I picked up a hand cream (RM19) along as my fingers are all dried up thanks to nail polish and remover. The skin around my fingers even started peeling ohmygod calm down fingers. By the way if you look at my bedsheet, my mom bought it for me because she knows pink and polka dots are my dead spot. Oh mom I love you. It even matches my blankey!

Now the disaster that happened during our little trip on Monday… Girlfriends that I know since my foundation decided to meet up before they leave Malaysia so I picked them up and hit the road. But before we crossed the Penang bridge, one of my girlfriends asked me to turn the air-conditioner a volume bigger. Once I did that the air turned really hot and stuffy. We thought my car ran out of gas but I assumed the air will turn cooler eventually.
But after we reached the town area of the island, I realised I was wrong ‘cuz not only did the air was still hot, the temperature indicator moved slowly from C to H. I thought well perhaps it was just an illusion. IT WAS NOT. The needle pointed at H. Panic attack. The needle exceeded H. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. Then they asked me stop at the side of the road so I did… And the engine couldn’t be turn on. I swear I was about to pee my pants at that moment.
But fortunately my friend has a family friend that has a workshop nearby and the uncle came to the rescue. Apparently there was a hole in one of the pipe so the water tank started leaking and led to overheating. The car was fixed in less than 1 hour. Thank you God.

So today is the last day of Chinese lunar year 2013 and tonight at 12 (technically it’s supposed to be 11) we’ll welcome the year of wooden Horse. The last day of the year is very important in Chinese culture or at least, my family as it is the day to have reunion dinner with your entire family, more or less like a Thanksgiving dinner. So as you can see, the descendants of Dragon all around the globe return home today to reunite with their families, just like my brother… Although my brother is just 300+km away from home. But it’s still an important day for us. After having dinner we are supposed to spend some time with our family to welcome the brand new year and before we hit the sack we’ll greet and wish our parents lots of luck (and money, because money is everything to us Chinese). Also the red envelope that is given by our parents is to be placed under the pillow as a good luck.

On a very random note, I’m thinking of picking up water colouring again… I’m a big fan of art and I enjoy painting but honestly I’m suck at it even though my painting won me a 2nd runner up prize in Standard 1 (I have no idea why and how I don’t remember a thing). Speaking of which, I’m sadden by the fact that the so-called “painting teachers” that teach children locally teach them how to paint in a standard form that the paintings that are created by (for example) 10 students look exactly the same. They correct them when the children jump out of the box and in my opinion the true meaning of art is lost as the creativity is limited. Just like how adults influence the children on the perception of beauty and when the children grow up and see themselves in the mirror, they tend to have low self-esteem because they found out that they don’t look like “one of them”.

Anyway it’s 7pm now and my brother’s flight will arrive at 8:30pm… I should probably get ready now. Till the next time lovelies, happy Chinese new year and enjoy your (short) holiday! x


Fixing splitting nails


Split nail? Problem solved!

My nails are so fragile they’re pain in the arse. The nails of my thumb and index finger tend to split for no reason while the others are fine and strong. Lack of Calcium? I have no idea.

Anyway, my thumb nail cracked several days ago after I tried to pile open a drawer using it. I blame my stupidity. And since I have a manicure appointment on the weekend, I opted to fix it (note: attach it back to the nail bed) so the manicurist can trim it nicely ‘cuz I normally would just peel it off. F my nail’s L.

So as usual I googled the how to and it is fairly simple.
All you need is 1. base coat 2. tea bag 3. scissors 4. toothpick.
Basically what you need to do is

  1. Cut the tea bag so a piece of the tea bag fabric is big enough to cover your split spot.
  2. Once you’re done with that, apply a layer of base coat on top of your nail and put the fabric on it before the base coat is dried off.
  3. Next, use the toothpick to even out the fabric to prevent any bubbles from forming underneath it.
  4. Apply another layer of base coat (or 2) once it’s dry.

More on how to fix your splitting nails: click me!

You’re welcome.

x Jess

What’s in my makeup bag


“Once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there’s only love in the dark…”
Currently listen to Total Eclipse of the Heart. That’s also how I feel when 95% of this complete blog post is gone after I insert 1 photo. 1 PHOTO! *RAGE* AND NOW I HAVE TO RETYPE. *extracting words from memory*

Anyway. I guess the title is pretty obvious. Let’s start from the foundation.


1. ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation SPF20 PA++ in OC10
2. Skin 79 Super Plus Blemish Balm SPF25 PA++ VIP Gold

I have another one that I left in PJ which is The Skin Food White Grape Fresh Foundation that I got from Tami as a 19 or 20? y/o birthday gift (Gosh how time flies!). Anyway, TSF foundation is great. An interesting point is that it is horribly white on my face when apply but it kinda blends and looks natural after a few minutes. Thank God. I don’t wanna scare people away. It also gives me porcelain skin. However it feels heavy on my face and I need to put on loose powder to avoid a sticky and oily look.

Skin 79 BB cream is fine, it’s a gift from my sister-in-law. The downside is that the coverage is medium and it does not brighten up my face… My face looks rather dull even after applying. What’s the point of applying a foundation when it does nothing to your face? But I still use it sometimes just for the sake of finishing it ‘cuz I hate to waste. ZA two way foundation has been around for ages and almost everyone who used it says it’s good. Shame to say that I only got on the bandwagon recently (a few months ago to be exact) but it has since then became my favourite. Why? It gives good coverage, matte finish, lasts for a long time and not to mention it’s easy to apply. It’s my to-go foundation and I even introduce it to my mom!



1. Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in #03 Chocolate Brown
2. Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil in #02 Dark Brown
3. Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Colour N in LB-1


1. L’oreal True Match Touche Magique Anti-fatigue and Illuminating Concealer – Smoothing Effect in Ivory Beige
2. Revlon Photoready Concealer in #003 Light Medium


1. Shu Umera Eyelash Curler

Silky Girl brow pencil is my first brow pencil! *feeling nostalgic* However it didn’t match my hair colour after I dyed it a year ago so I got Koji brow pencil in Japan for roughly RM20+ (lower than retail price in Malaysia) to replace it. But my hair got even lighter in the past few 6 months so I bought an eyebrow mascara to make my brows lighter to get along with my hair. Before I bought this brow mascara, I was considering to buy either Kate’s or Kiss Me’s but eventually I got the current one after seeing Pony using one in her videos.

L’oreal concealer pen is expensive, don’t think I’ll repurchase after finishing this as it does not worth the price. The brush is stiff and the application is lousy… The liquid doesn’t come out after a few rotations. I only use it under my eyebags and above my cheekbone as a highlighter, when I feel like it.

As for Shu Umera eyelash curler, everyone says it’s a must buy and I didn’t understand all the hypes about it until I own one. It’s really amazing! It fits my lids so well that I have no problem curling all my lashes. I got it at Haneda airport at 1800 Yen (RM57)… Wait for it…2 pairs! Which means it was only RM28.50 for one! How can I not buy it??




1. Dejavu Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long


1. Silky Girl Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner in #02 Brown Milk
2. Dejavu Perfect Liner
3. Anna Sui Pencil Eye Liner WP in #500 Chocolate Brown
4. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel

I once owned a gel  liner from Maybelline (I think it’s Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner) and it was good as the colour was intense and long-lasting but I got tired of cleaning the brush every time I finished using it so I gave it to my friend. Since eye liner is a part of my “shit I just woke up! Must put on makeup within 5 minutes!” routine, gel liner was a hassle for me and hence my obsession with pencil/liquid eye liner.

Anna Sui pencil eye liner is the bomb! I normally use it to tight line my eyes and it doesn’t smudge even after a long day. I bought it in Haneda airport for 1500 Yen (RM48) under my friend’s persuasion. Now I see why she strong recommended it. As for the 2-in-1… I bought it solely for the white tip. Yep. I have not use the brown end even for once. *guilty* Perhaps I’ll use it the next time. Anyway, I use the white tip to draw my lower eye lines as taught by Michelle Phan to make my eyes look larger. Because Chinese has small eyes. Or I have small eyes. Boo. :( I have another white eye liner from Maybelline but it doesn’t do anything not to mention it is blunt so I kinda gave up on it.

I bought Dejavu mascara on my friend’s recommendation. She said it enhances the lashes and makes it longer and it really does! An eye liner came along with the macara for free and I loved the eye liner initially – The tip was sharp and flexible not to mention the colour was rich, making the drawing of wing eye lines so much easier. But then it turned me into a panda, also the eye liner dried up only after a couple usage, I had to apply a few strokes for a jet black line. Boo.



1. MAC eyeshadow in Gesso
2. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes in GD821 Reflection


1. Revlon New Complexion Loose Face Powder in #02 Translucent
2. The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Bronzer in #01 Golden Bronze
3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Luminous Blush in N00 Soft Mauve

Since I already have an eye palette, I only own two extra eye shadows. Gesso is normally used as a highlighter for my brow bones and nose bridge while I apply MM frozen splash eyes all over my crease before I put on the other eye colour. However it is too shimmery for my liking so I only use it once in a blue moon. Okay new year’s resolution: Apply more of this golden shimmering cream eye shadow!

TBS bronzer is my first bronzer ever and it’s rather expensive (RM69). However it can’t seem to hit the bottom after so many years of usage so I guess the price is okay-ish. It’s quite shimmery so it kind of scares me a little. I’ve been eyeing a matte one (ie. MAC) but then I thought it’s kind of unnecessary to purchase another one since the current one takes forever to finish. On the other hand this Maybelline blush that comes in a mauve-pink tone is my absolute favourite! The colour gives a natural glow and makes my skin looks so healthy. I also bought one in a similar colour at TBS when I purchased the bronzer but unfortunately the blusher didn’t last for a long time and the colour kinda disappeared after a few hours so I gave it to my mom since she needed one. As for the loose powder… Urgh, where to begin? First off, I hate the packaging. The powder flies out every time I open it and the powder ends up on everywhere! My hair, clothes and even the table. Messy messy messy. But all loose powder kinda come in this form so perhaps I shouldn’t complain. Secondly, the puff! Hate it! Unhygienic and only gives minimum coverage. I have then replaced it with a kabuki brush I got from TBS at a discount price (50% off!). I love the powder nonetheless, it performs its job wonderfully by giving my face a matte finish and it lasts a long time.


Lastly, 2 Estee Lauder palettes that are given by my sister-in-law.

On the left:

All Over Face Powder
Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick – #161 Pink Parfait
Go Pout LipColor – #04 Pouty Plum and Golden Shimmer

On the right: 

Pure Color EyeShadow – #10 Ivory Box, #13 Pale Moo, #60 Tea Biscuit, #63 Mocha Cup, #23 Berry Ice, #55 Chocolate Chip, #42 Mint Ice, #44 Camouflage and #32 Blue Sphere
Blushing Natural Cheek Color – #08 Potpourri Passion and #18 Tawny Desire

The face powder contains glitters (deal breaker!) and the lip colours are too bold for my liking not to mention the shades are a little bit frosty (another deal breaker). I kind of hid this palette in one of my drawers until today much to my horror. I guess I’ll try to use it now and then to stop wasting things. :(

The eye shadows look gorgeous (and the names are so cute!) but the colours are too bold for daily usage except for a few neutral shades. Sadly they aren’t long-lasting on my lids so I don’t use them often. The blushes on the other hand, are among my favourites especially #08 Potpourri Passion. The colour reminds me of summer and Miami plus the tangerine tone makes me look like I have just stepped from of a sun-tanning session. Love love love!

Okay, here goes my what’s in my makeup bag post. Hopefully WordPress won’t fail me and make my post magically disappear again. Till then!

x Jess