You dream alot when you sleep alot.

So I was sitting beside Lady Gaga (wtf #1), and she was supposed to write me a song for my album (wtf #2). While we were sitting at a coffee shop or something discussing the lyrics, her backup male dancer was poking me like I was a piece of cooked meat (wtf #3).

I said to her, “Do you mind… You know, your dancer? He keeps poking me,”
And Lady Gaga looked like she just had the whole universe figured out, and sang, “Po po po poking you po po poking you.”

(Wtf #4).

Not knowing this was a dream, I said, “What the fuck is wrong with you people.”

She ignored me, and proceeded to explain a stage I was to perform with her (wtf #5). It was basically a swimming pool with an open bar in the middle of the pool & we were supposed to sing (& dance) around the bar. And I told her, “I can’t do it. It’s too fucking slippery!” (wtf #6) She ignored me anyway.

And then we were shifted into a back alley suddenly and someone shouted “IT’S DINNAH TIMEEEE!” and a pack of bulldogs in several sizes including the cartoon version bull dog you saw in Tom & Jerry ran across the alley toward the kitchen while I was standing in the middle of the road. And they stomped past me as if I was a camera in a movie shooting scene (wtf #7).

And then I woke up. Wondernig what the fuck just happened.

x Jess


A Sunday dream

Had a dream that I was in a public toilet, doing business no. 2 & there was a long queue after me so I decided to put a halt on my business and left. My brother showed up, told me he was looking for me everywhere and told me I should board the plane before the gate closed (at this point I realised I was in an airport the whole time). So I climbed lots of stairs and escalators, not knowing where to go, kept thinking “where the heck is that god damn gate and why the hell am I boarding a plane? Where am I going?!” (It’s a dream, after all) I heard people cheering my friend toward the highest floor downstairs, and I thought well let’s just keep climbing.

And I reached. A jumbo plane to the UK (And the funny thing is, this waiting lounge looked familiar). I kissed my dad and brother goodbye and went forward. Met my friends but they were already lining up and reaching the gate. The queue was too long so I decided to sit and wait.

And I met him. I sat right next to him, he did not recognise me. I whispered a thank you, not recognising him too. And then I woke up.
I should have say hi.

I have never dreamed of him before, this is a first.
Hi my old friend, what are you doing in an airport waiting lounge? How’s the heaven treating you? You did not age at all Danny.
I should have say hi.