Jeon Ji-hyun signature lip dupes

From time to time there’s always some songs or movies that’s been the IT topic on everyone’s lips, this time it’s a Korean drama called “You Who Came From the Stars”. I’ve been watching this drama for almost a month now and I’m crazy about it.


Apparently I’m not the only one. Almost everything the actress, Jeon Ji-hyun wears in the drama are sold out atm in Gangnam, especially YSL no. 52 lipstick she uses to create the signature look – Glowy skin, filled-in brows, tight-lined eyes, a light touch of mascara & last but not least, the statement lips.

But not all of us can afford YSL. Or in my case, there’s no YSL counter in Malaysia. (I know. It sucks.)
But that’s okay. We’ll come around.

#1 The Kissable Rosy Pink:

The signature fuschia pink lip.

The signature fuschia pink lip.

Putting YSL’s texture & pigmentation (that makes us love them even more) aside, here is some few cheaper alternative available to create the statement lips.

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


San Paulo.

“San Paulo”.

Everyone loves NYX, especially the matte lip cream. Temptalia 2012 editor’s choice award, hello?

  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain




Do not judge the colour by the tube. Both Sweetheart & Smitten look quite similar after application.
Also something I have to say – Not good on chapped/dry lips.

#2 The Classic Red:



On Jeon Ji-hyun.

No Iope in your country?

  • MAC

“Russian Red” & “Ruby Woo”.

Both are fairly similar except that one has cool tone while the later is warmer. So it depends on your undertone whether which suits you well. Or you can just get both cause one can never have enough MAC.
Again, Revlon (try the colour “Really Red”) is the cheaper alternative but honestly, Ruby Woo and/or Russian Red worth the money.

#3 The Orange Lips:

(I ran out of ideas for name)


On her: Laneige Serum Intense lipstick in “Neon Orange”.

Fashion comes and goes, but orange is forever.

  • Bobbi Brown


  • MAC


  • NYX Matte 

“Indie Flick”.

Funny how I was so close on purchasing this shade the other day.

Anyway, most dupes I found above come in matte so for a glossy finish, just add a layer of lip balm or colourless lip lacquer.
Also another tips on wearing heavy-pigmented statement lips: Exfoliate & slap on some lip balm. Put on foundation/concealer or fill up the lips with nude lip pencil before applying.

Pony’s tutorial on how to create the signature look.

Now off you go to the nearest Sephora or any drug store and good luck finding the right shade!


Fixing splitting nails


Split nail? Problem solved!

My nails are so fragile they’re pain in the arse. The nails of my thumb and index finger tend to split for no reason while the others are fine and strong. Lack of Calcium? I have no idea.

Anyway, my thumb nail cracked several days ago after I tried to pile open a drawer using it. I blame my stupidity. And since I have a manicure appointment on the weekend, I opted to fix it (note: attach it back to the nail bed) so the manicurist can trim it nicely ‘cuz I normally would just peel it off. F my nail’s L.

So as usual I googled the how to and it is fairly simple.
All you need is 1. base coat 2. tea bag 3. scissors 4. toothpick.
Basically what you need to do is

  1. Cut the tea bag so a piece of the tea bag fabric is big enough to cover your split spot.
  2. Once you’re done with that, apply a layer of base coat on top of your nail and put the fabric on it before the base coat is dried off.
  3. Next, use the toothpick to even out the fabric to prevent any bubbles from forming underneath it.
  4. Apply another layer of base coat (or 2) once it’s dry.

More on how to fix your splitting nails: click me!

You’re welcome.

x Jess

Panic kitchen: How to make Japanese soft boiled egg


Ever wonder how the soft boiled egg that comes along with a bowl of Japanee ramen is made? Them smooth and silky egg white with sweet and savoury runny egg yolk inside… It goes along with basically everything and 10 out of 10 people will go cray cray upon seeing the egg. I even squeaked a little when I saw the egg packed in a in 7-11 Japan. Yup. They sell this kind of stuff in the convenient store. Food technology + business brain = amaze-balls.

Be amazed. *proud to be a Food Scientist*

Well anyway, the mystery of the yummylicious egg is solved thanks to the Internet. It only involves several steps and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. I had 3 attempts before getting the almost perfect egg. You’ll see why.

1. First, boil a pot of water. Make sure the water is sufficient to cover 2/3 of the egg.
2. Put the egg into the water once the water is boiled. It is crucial that the egg is to be in room temperature so if you normally keep the eggs in the fridge as I do you’ll have to take it out in prior for “thawing” or else…



Your egg will start squirting wtf. No kidding. It happened to mine (1st attempt). The egg shell cracked. I guess it has something to do with thermal expansion.

3. Leave the egg in the boiling water for 6 minutes. Remember to move the egg around in the water from time to time.
4. While waiting, prepare a bowl of ice water. Transfer the egg from the pot to the ice water when the time is up. Leave the egg in the ice water for at least 10 minutes.

According to some blogs, apparently 6 minutes is the “golden minute” as shorter or longer than that will result in a half boiled completely-watery egg or a hard boiled egg.
For the 2nd attempt, I forgot to time after I put the egg into the boiling water so I guess I took it out too soon (5 minutes?) and hence getting a half boiled egg. .__.


My exposed egg white. 囧


A closer look.

5. After 10 minutes, remove the shell and cut the egg into half.

Voila! Behold! My soft boiled egg after 3 attempts!


*touched* T____T

Ok perhaps the egg yolk is not as runny as you think but hey I swear the yolk was runny irl!

I’ll get it right the next time anyhow!

Note: This is just a plain soft boiled egg (hanjuku tamago). To achieve the flavourful egg that we normally have with ramen (ajitsuke tamago/nitamago), additional steps must be taken to marinate the egg. Perhaps I’ll talk about it in the future if I ever had the chance to as the ingredients are not easy to get. :/ Till the next time! x

Things you can do to your hair


Clockwise from upper left: Waterfall braid (2 strands), waterfall braid (3 strands), fish braid, the French braid.

Having long hair had been my dream when I was a kid since my hair was short for almost 17 years of my life (no kidding) due to some strict rules in my primary and secondary school. I always felt envious when I saw girls with all kinds of fancy braids at church. Few years ago when I finally had chest length hair, I felt that I can finally do something to my boring straight hair but sadly I didn’t know how to braid (except the basic braid of course). ‘Fraid not, there’s a lot of blog/video tutorials available online. Thanks Internet, thanks Youtube.

The first challenging braid I learnt was the classic French braid. It was a torture – my hands were numb, my brain was confused, my fingers had no idea what they were doing… However it is fairly easy once you get the idea. Now that I can braid my hair within 5 minutes, French braid is usually what I do to my hair when I’m too lazy to wash my hair.

If the French braid is too hard for you, 3 strands waterfall braid is your alternative choice. It is simple and easy to master as long as you know how to do a basic braid. I often wear this braid when my fringe annoys me or turns oily.

You can also try 2 strands waterfall braid. Very, very simple and cute plus all the steps are uncomplicated. At the time when the photo above was taken, I was a novice in braiding and my hair was braided by my talented friend Joanne.

Fish braid must be the hardest braid among the mentioned braids above and the other common ones. The steps are confusing not to mention tiring especially when you have thicker hair. But I guess it’s all worth it considering the outcome. In the photo above my hair was braided by another talented friend Dhameera.

Other than all that are mentioned, there’s also the Dutch braid (which is quite similar to the French braid except that the braid is kinda… inside out), ladder braid, bow braid, mermaid braid, etc. Also, instead of braiding just as what is shown in the tutorials, you can also jump outside the box and improvise to spice things up, like doing a side French braid, tying your hair into a bun at the end of the braid instead of letting it down or braid into ponytail. What’s most important is to have fun right!

Anyway, this is my current favourite. Casual and elegant, suitable for any occasion.

I still need more practice though… Oh well, I guess practice is the key to success. Till the next time.

x Jess