Heavenly good food


Bella & the Jets @ The Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Wednesday is always joyful as you know you have successfully gone through half of a dreaful week – far from Monday & a little bit more until Friday. And also, especially when you only have a 90 minutes class in the morning… Or maybe it’st just me. Double joyful Wednesday.

My girls & I decided to go The Red Beanbag at Publika for brunch (the correct usage of word I reckon, having Jamie Chin’s pet peeve regarding brunch in mind). I decided to have Bella & The Jets since I’m craving for mushrooms constantly – don’t judge, and  a refreshing red apple & dragon fruits Smooshie which is absolutely a-MAH-zing (trying to sound like Penny here).

While we were walking around Publika after our satisfying brunch, we stumbled upon an art exhibition, the 50 Shades of Malaysia project contributed by Artemis Art to celebrate Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary on 16th September 2013 with the theme of reflecting the younger generation’s thoughts & views on their home land (How do you feel about Malaysia?)

While browsing through all the beautiful arts presented by various artists, a particular painting caught my attention.


「Index Fingers」by Celine Wong – Lihua


“Although a supposedly democratic country, there are loopholes in our voting system. This work relates to the recent GE13 general elections where the purportedly indelible ink used could be easily washed off, giving rise to fears of potential vote fraud…”

Isn’t it interesting? What do you think? & what is your thoughts on our home country?

x Jess