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Brown Pocket ; Daorae Tanjung Tokong ; The Alley.



Sephora Collection Color Lip Last N15 (Coral Calling) ; Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream.

I’ve been hiding in my little house ever since I came back to my home town but things have slightly changed this week – All my friends are back from overseas as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. You know which of them are keepers when they don’t contact often, let alone social media or phone apps, but just a few calls and they’ll show out and next thing you know, you chat about everything from North to South.

Born in Penang since 1991 but this magnificent island is yet to be fully explored. We went to Brown Pocket @ Gurney Paragon and the waffles are as good as what people said. Also, even after trying out the same dish in different Korean restaurant, Daorae’s Kimchi Jjigae still amazed me. Not to mention the manager & staffs are so kind, unlike several Daorae restaurants in KL that seem to have snobbish waiters that appeared to have better things to do than serving customers. Hey, I didn’t pay you to be bullied. The manager even gave us a pancake for free! The last time we came (around 2 years ago) he gave us free pancake and steamed egg. Thank you again, kind sir. Highlight of the day is when he gave us Hello Kitty lollipops after we paid our bills… I blushed and I have no idea why. Get a hold of yourself girl!

Now the cronuts… I didn’t know the existence of this croissant-doughnut hybrid until I watched an episode of 2 Broke Girls where they queued at 6 in the morning but still got nothing because they were sold out. Well this is not Manhatthan, but I’m glad I still have the chance to try it. Drizzled with salted caramel & nutella, yum yum. Also I bought a coral lipstick (RM45) because my good old Maybelline coral lipstick is used up by my mom. Besides, it’s Chinese New Year! Must get festive! :P Some lame excuse I told myself so I can spend money. Glad that I picked up a hand cream (RM19) along as my fingers are all dried up thanks to nail polish and remover. The skin around my fingers even started peeling ohmygod calm down fingers. By the way if you look at my bedsheet, my mom bought it for me because she knows pink and polka dots are my dead spot. Oh mom I love you. It even matches my blankey!

Now the disaster that happened during our little trip on Monday… Girlfriends that I know since my foundation decided to meet up before they leave Malaysia so I picked them up and hit the road. But before we crossed the Penang bridge, one of my girlfriends asked me to turn the air-conditioner a volume bigger. Once I did that the air turned really hot and stuffy. We thought my car ran out of gas but I assumed the air will turn cooler eventually.
But after we reached the town area of the island, I realised I was wrong ‘cuz not only did the air was still hot, the temperature indicator moved slowly from C to H. I thought well perhaps it was just an illusion. IT WAS NOT. The needle pointed at H. Panic attack. The needle exceeded H. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. Then they asked me stop at the side of the road so I did… And the engine couldn’t be turn on. I swear I was about to pee my pants at that moment.
But fortunately my friend has a family friend that has a workshop nearby and the uncle came to the rescue. Apparently there was a hole in one of the pipe so the water tank started leaking and led to overheating. The car was fixed in less than 1 hour. Thank you God.

So today is the last day of Chinese lunar year 2013 and tonight at 12 (technically it’s supposed to be 11) we’ll welcome the year of wooden Horse. The last day of the year is very important in Chinese culture or at least, my family as it is the day to have reunion dinner with your entire family, more or less like a Thanksgiving dinner. So as you can see, the descendants of Dragon all around the globe return home today to reunite with their families, just like my brother… Although my brother is just 300+km away from home. But it’s still an important day for us. After having dinner we are supposed to spend some time with our family to welcome the brand new year and before we hit the sack we’ll greet and wish our parents lots of luck (and money, because money is everything to us Chinese). Also the red envelope that is given by our parents is to be placed under the pillow as a good luck.

On a very random note, I’m thinking of picking up water colouring again… I’m a big fan of art and I enjoy painting but honestly I’m suck at it even though my painting won me a 2nd runner up prize in Standard 1 (I have no idea why and how I don’t remember a thing). Speaking of which, I’m sadden by the fact that the so-called “painting teachers” that teach children locally teach them how to paint in a standard form that the paintings that are created by (for example) 10 students look exactly the same. They correct them when the children jump out of the box and in my opinion the true meaning of art is lost as the creativity is limited. Just like how adults influence the children on the perception of beauty and when the children grow up and see themselves in the mirror, they tend to have low self-esteem because they found out that they don’t look like “one of them”.

Anyway it’s 7pm now and my brother’s flight will arrive at 8:30pm… I should probably get ready now. Till the next time lovelies, happy Chinese new year and enjoy your (short) holiday! x



Oops I did it again.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - 050 “Precious”

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – 050 “Precious”

I bought this Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain a few weeks ago after reading Paris B’s post about this lip crayon.

While standing in front of the counter & testing for the colours my mom told me, “it’s going to be dry on your lips. Are you sure you want to buy this?” Seeing the swatches on my hand and that the textures weren’t so matte, I dismissed the thought and said, “Nah. I think it’ll be fine.”

AND I was wrong. Mother’s always right kids, remember that.
(note: My lips are often chapped and so dry that even the skin around the edge of my lips are peeling. It has been this way for almost a year. The condition has improved though, thanks to Vaseline and Burt’s Bees.)

There isn’t much difference before or after application as it is a shade of nude.
Question: Why did I get another nude lipstick/balm stain when I already got 2 nude lipsticks in my drawer!


Under indoor daylight, a coat of “Precious”.

One thing about this balmstain is that it doesn’t stain my mug or bottle when I’m drinking water off them. I still wear it everyday though despite that it makes my lips dry & that the color pigments are stuck in between the lines on my lips. Also, sometimes the colour fades to the edge of my lips & makes me look like I have a pink lip line wtf.

Should have gotten “Rendezvous” instead. Maybe next time. *slaps* NO!

x Jess